Effect of Sub Lethal Doses of Nickel Chloride on CBC and Histology of Cirrhinus Mrigala


  • Nida Saleem
  • Saim Haroon
  • Uzma Yasmeen
  • Sikander Hayat
  • Quratulane Gillani Institute of molecular biology and biotechnology UOL, Pakistan




Keywords: Fish, Toxic effect, Heavy metal, Blood Parameters


This present study aims to investigate the histological and CBC parameters on Cirrhinus marigala after the exposure of Nickel Chloride. The first group of fish was taken as control group and placed in normal water without given any treatment. The second and third groups of fish were administered to two concentrations of sub-lethal doses of 96 hrs (LC50, 3.75ppm) of nickel chloride for 30 days. Results of this study showed that the number of white blood cells, platelets and haemoglobin level were significantly increased where simultaneously the number of red blood cells was significantly decreased due to exposure of nickel chloride. It was also observed that nickel chloride accumulated in organs (Kidneys < Gills < Liver < Heart) of Cirrhinus marigala. Results of histopathology showed the heavy damage of vital organs in fish due to nickel chloride exposure. One-way ANOVA test was performed in SPSS package volume 16 showed that observed data was statistically signi?cant (P < 0.05). This study concluded that nickel chloride effects the CBCs and histopathological parameters of fish Cirrhinus marigala.


Keywords: Fish, Toxic effect, Heavy metal, blood parameters




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Saleem, N., Haroon, S., Yasmeen, U. ., Hayat, S., & Gillani, Q. (2021). Effect of Sub Lethal Doses of Nickel Chloride on CBC and Histology of Cirrhinus Mrigala. Pakistan Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 3(1), 144-153. https://doi.org/10.52700/pjbb.v3i1.73